July 1, 2011

Gadget & Technology Madness!

There is something that I can't resist about new things.... especially if they're related to technology :-) I just love the feel of a new gadget in my hand or a new program on my computer that let's me do something cool!

These are all my latest techy obsessions on my list. So far I've only conquered one of them. The Samsung Galaxy Tab! I love, love, love that thing! I love that it's like my little computer that I can take anywhere. The screen is bigger than my phone but it's no where near as heavy as my laptop.
It will be even better when I can get Google + on it! I really, really want to get on Google +. Why you ask? Mostly...... because I can't! LOL! There is something about not being able to have access to something new that everyone else has that makes you want it more. I think it's going to be really cool and I can't wait for my invitations to come through so that I can join in the fun!
The alarm clock is something that I've wanted for a really long time but the truth is..... I'm just too cheap to buy it! LOL! I can't seem to justify $50 for an alarm clock. However, that might be coming to an end rather quickly because I think I would much rather be woken up by music than a loud and obtrusive noise.... it's working my last nerve :-)
The camera.... oh the camera. I have a camera that's really nice and it works. The problem is that I want a new one. Only because i can get a new one that has more features than the old one that works just fine. Ha!

Technology.... I'm a sucker for it! Apparently, from reading what I've just written I'm also a sucker for ...... and !!!! He he he!