January 20, 2009


Well, Obama is in and Bush is out. I have SO many comments and I'm not really sure what is PC to say and what isn't... LOL! Sooooo... here are my thoughts on "this historic day" : )

I believe that Bush did a great job leading our Nation. He was faced with many unexpected trials and I believe that he handled them the best he knew how. I don't think that any one of "us" could have done it any better or would have wanted to handle it for that matter!

I've learned a lot over the last year while I've been in school. I've learned what the responsibilities/duties are of the different offices of government as well as their limitations.

I see that Barack Obama promises so many things that he seemingly cannot deliver. Whether it be outrageously unattainable or just plain outside of what he is "legally" capable of delivering.... I do not think it can be done. I am concerned about the truth. That the truth will be blurred. I am concerned that he will promote for us to lose our differences and for all to be the same.... "one". Differences is what makes us the good ole USA people!!! Our differences is what sets us apart from the rest of the world. Why change that? I agree that peace is good and unity is good too.... but not to the point where it erases our individuality.

Only time will tell and only God knows what is to come. I'm curious to see what the future holds!

January 9, 2009

Groovy Tunes

For those of you who enjoy laid back fun upbeat tunes this guy is great! You've got to check it out!

Happenings in Houston

I thought this pic was too cute not to share! This is my nephew the executive! LOL! My sister and brother in law have a new little girl on the way and they drop my nephew off at my office on Monday's on their way to birthing classes. This past Monday was his first day at my office. I'm not sure who had more fun... him or all the girls in the office! He was more than happy to make conversattion with anyone who wanted to talk on the phone but became amazingly shy as soon as someone walked into my office. He was a riot!

Over the last few months things have been very busy over here. My niece, Lorelei, is due in two weeks and we are all anxiously waiting! There have been many shopping trips and much redecorating going on. All on top of the holidays of course! : ) There were a few scares with the baby's heart but God took the reigns and all is well now. Lorelei is a very healthy and very active baby right now in my sister's tummy. She is constantly on the move and refuses to stay head down! LOL! We are praying that she will stay the way she needs to be when the time is right for delivery. She is DEFINATELY going to be my sisters kid.... she needs to do it her way!

I've realized the other day that I only have two more semesters (and a summer session) left to finish all my required classes so that I can start nursing school! I am SOOOOOO excited! I've decided that HBU is where I want to complete my BSN. The student teacher ratio is much smaller than most schools and a large majority of their learning is hands on. I know that I will learn better with both of those things on my side. Hopefully I can set up a meeting with them soon so that I can make sure I have all my ducks in a row. At this point I would prefer no surprises please! I met a guy here at work who has a lot of friends who work for Life Flight here in Houston and as soon as I start my nursing classes they said that I can do a "ride along" for one shift to see if it's still something I really want to do! I am VERY excited about that prospect. As much as I want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse I think being a Life Flight nurse would be just as amazing!

Well, that's all from this corner of the world for now..... Stay tuned for pics of my sweet niece baby Lorelei!!!