February 14, 2011


I love Valentines Day! There is no shortage of love in my family. It's no secret that I'm the pickiest girl in the world when it comes to men so, I've had very few "Valentines" all to myself in my life. However, there is one that has always been consistent... my daddy! When my mom was a single mom she would always make sure we had a "Valentines surprise" waiting for us by our bed or outside our bedroom door when we woke up on Valentines Day morning. Since my parents have been married she has passed the torch to my dad. There hasn't been a Valentines day yet that all of us girls haven't gotten something from my dad. He ALWAYS remembers!

One of my favorite memories is when one year, I was on my way to work, and my dad was running late getting back home with his Valentines goodies before I left for work. He really wanted me to have them before work so he caught up with me and stopped me in the middle of the road to get out of his car to give me flowers and chocolates on my way to work. He's the best!

Today, he surprised me (TOTALLY caught me off guard!) at my office with these:
For those of you that don't know.... my office isn't exactly a hop, skip and a jump from my house. It's more like a hike, nap and another hike from my house! That was quite the trek from some delicious (and almost gone!) chocolate covered strawberries :-)

Every girl should have a daddy that is as thoughtful and loving as mine. It's something so simple but it's just a great reminder that my daddy loves me and would do anything in the world for me (i.e the hike, nap and a hike). For any daddy's out there that read this: make sure your girls know how much you love them. Not just on Valentines Day but every day. There isn't anything in this world that can compare to or replace a father's love!

Love you Daddy!