February 3, 2011

My Little Sunshine!

Lorelei Nicole Seymour was born on February 3rd, 2009 and that was the day she forever captured my heart! She is such a little bundle of joy and the best niece an Aunt could ask for. Lolly has me wrapped around her sweet petite fingers and she knows it! I have to say, I felt spoiled rotten when my nephew came along but having my niece is just a double blessing! She greets me at the door every day with a hug and a squeal and neither one of us would want to have it any other way. Lolly is the most amazing little miracle and I thank God for her cute face every day! Here are a few pics of Lolly for you to enjoy....because I do! ;-)


Lolly with Logan... her partner in crime!

Lolly likes to play with her ears when she's sleepy
I think it's so cute!

Who could resist this sweet girl?

Love bug!

Enjoying her birthday cake tonight

I'm not sure who enjoyed it more... "Bubba" or Lolly!

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